Catherine Bell Jewelry is designed to make you feel loved, special, and confident about yourself. We believe that jewelry should be timeless, worn through the decades and passed down through generations. We custom make every piece with lots of love and care.

The inspiration for our line is a combination of a love of vintage jewelry as well as the beauty we find all around us in art, nature, travel, architecture. Creating lovely jewelry pieces is an avenue that allows us to be expressive and give back to the world of art that constantly inspires us. 

Our opening heart collection was inspired by many things. A love of hearts and LOVE in general. Catherine’s daughter, Gemma, also had a heart scare that turned out just fine due to the wonderful doctors that cared for Gemma. It further brought out our infatuation with hearts and all they represent to the next level. As our way of giving back, with every heart pendant purchase a contribution will be made to The Miraglo Foundation which provides grants and healthcare to the underserved, in particular a group of women cardiologists treating children in India and the Middle East. 

Our vision is to make women feel unique every time they wear a design created by Catherine Bell Jewelry. We take extra pride in making sure our artistic craftsmanship is followed all the way through, from our original design sketch to the hand-picked stone setting. All of our jewelry is made in the U.S.A., using only ethically sourced materials. Being able to offer others an attainable piece of luxury that stands the test of time is our vision met.

XOXO, Catherine Bell & Brooke Daniells